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MSIL's marketing of paper and pulp includes every grade used in the printing and packaging sectors. We also provide prime paper as per the customer's requirements and source it from all over the world. With our vast experience in the industry we can always indicate which grade and solution best meets the buyer's needs.

We are also catering to the paper manufacturing units by supplying them high quality pulp sourced from all over the world. Our greatest asset is our accumulated knowledge and years of experience on all markets.


Woodfree Coated (C1S/C2S/Art Paper/Chromo Paper)
Woodfree Uncoated
Woodfree Coated (C1S Wet Strength)
Copy Paper (A4/Reels/Sheets)
Coloured Paper & Board
C1S/C2S Board
Cast/Mirror Coated Paper & Board
Bristol Board
Uncoated Bleached Board


Standard Newsprint
Improved Newsprint
Super Calendared (SC-B/A)
Light Weight Coated (LWC)
Medium Weight Coated(MWC)
Bulky Book Paper
Directory Paper
Bible Paper
Telephone Directory Pape


Kraft Liner Board/KLB
Fluting (Standard/Semi-Chemical/NSSC)
Sack Kraft (Standard/Semi-Extensible/Extensible)
High Porosity Sack Kraft
White Top Kraftliner (Coated/Uncoated)
White Top Testliner (Coated/Uncoated)
Mottled White Top Test Liner/Kraft Liner
Absorbent Kraft
Kraft Paper
Coloured Kraft Paper
Bleached Kraft (MF/MG)
Natural/Unbleached Kraft (MF/MG/Ribbed/Unribbed)
Kraft Carrier Boards (KCB Coated/Uncoated)
Sus (CNK-Coated Natural Kraft Board)


Release Liner/Base Paper -(CCK/SCK/Glassine)
MG/MF Paper
Tracing Paper(Colored/White)
Tissue Paper (Facial/Toilet/Kitchen/Towel/Napkins)
Natural/Unbleached Kraft (MF/MG)
Bleached Kraft (MF/MG)
Filter Paper
Decor Paper
Release/Glassine Paper
Cigarette Paper
Base Paper For Abrasive
Crape Paper
Masking Tape Stock
Tea Bag Paper
Direct Thermal Paper
Thermal Transfer Paper
Wax Paper Base Stock
Silicon Coated Paper
Grease Proof
NCR Paper
OTC Paper
PE Coated Paper
Metallized Paper/Board
Tea Filter Paper
White/Colored Parchment Paper
MG Sulphite Paper
Carbonless Paper
Playing Card Board


Folding Box Boards - GC1/GC2
Solid Bleached Sulphate Board(Sbs)-C1S/C2S
Poly 1 Side And Clay 1 Side-SBS Food Board
Poly Coated Paper/Boards
Poly Cup Stock (PE 1 Side/ PE 2 Side/PE1Clay1 Side)
Uncoated Cup Stock
Uncoated Triplex Board
Pet Laminated Boards
Coated Kraft Back (CKB)
Cast Coated Paper & Board
C1S/C2S Paper & Board
Duplex Board (GD1GD2/GD3/White Lined Chipboard)
Duplex Board (Grey /White/Kraft Back)
Triplex Board GT1/GT2
Kraft Carrier Boards (Kcb Coated/Uncoated)
Liquid Packaging Board(LPB)
Sus (CNK-Coated Natural Kraft Board)
Tetra Pack
Grey/Binding Board
Coloured Grey Board
Core Board
Playing Card Board
Metallized Paper/Board
Pre Printed Boards


C1S Labels
Uncoated Labels
Cast Coated/Mirror Labels
Thermal Transfer Labels
Vinyl Labels
Fluorescent Labels
Coloured Labels
Direct Thermal Labels
Clear To Clear Labels
Clear To Release Labels


Fluff Pulp
Bleached Softwood Pulp
Unbleached Softwood Pulp
Bleached Hardwood Pulp
Bleached Eucalyptus Pulp
Bleached Acacia Pulp
Chemi-Thermo Mechanical Pulp (CTMP)
Hardwood & Softwood Pulp (BCTMP)
Stone Groundwood Pulp
Dissolving Pulp


Person Wearing Headset For Video Call

We have a dedicated team of professionals for quick access and response to queries.

Man Signing

We have in-house major testing equipment for consistent quality check and control

Container Ship

We have a strong marketing channel in all leading locations for seamless deliveries

Packaging Factory

Fully computerized and automated process with the latest technology in our industry



For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: + 852 2421 9899

Office Address

Material Sources International Limited

1604, Kwai Fong Commercial Centre

No.7 Shing Fong Street, Kwai Chung, New Territories, HongKong

Tel: + 852 2421 9899

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