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Metal Scraps (Ferrous and Non Ferrous Scrap)

We buy and sell Metal Scrap worldwide and supplying to the project facilities or steel mills around the world.


  • HMS 1 & 2
  • Rail & OTM
  • Plate & Structural
  • Prepared Steel
  • Auto Shredded
  • Motor Blocks
  • Steel Can Bundles
  • Steel Logs
  • Busheling
  • Turnings
  • Re-Rollable
  • Cast Iron


  • Aluminiun scrap
  • Brass scrap
  • Zinc scrap
  • Lead scrap
  • Stainless steel scrap


Polyester Films(Polyester/Bopp Film)

Since the inception of our Company as a supplier of Plastic Shims, we have developed an international reputation as a qualitative source for BOPP sheet and polyester film. We are specializes in supplying high quality packaging films for almost any customer specified requirement. Our stocking and distribution facilities are configured to meet the most rigorous customer requirements. Our experience in the industry ensures that only premium and reliable sources of raw materials are used.
Polyester Films are used in printing process and after printing it is laminated with own material and then it is used to make pouches.
Its outstanding features are excellent softness & die punching characteristics, excellent quality of print, good dispensability and low density.  
Our range of BOPP & Polyester Films includes: 

  • Plain Films (Clear, Matte, White)
  • Coextruded Films (Heat Sealable One/Two Sides)
  • Coated Films
  • Pearlized Films
  • Metallized Films

Secondry Fiber/Waste Paper

We source waste paper for all segments of Paper Industries & segment wise grades as listed below:-

  • News & Pams
  • Old Corrugated Cuttings
  • New Corrugated Cuttings
  • Kraft Carrier Board
  • Kraft Multiwall Bags
  • New Coloured Envelope Cuttings
  • Sorted Office Pack
  • Light & Dark Colour Cuttings
  • Map Stock
  • Plastic Window Envelope
  • Double Sorted OCC
  • New Double Lined Kraft Cuttings
  • Mixed Waste
  • Box Board Cutting
  • Waxed Cup Stock
  • Coated Book Stock
  • Manila File Folder
  • Soft/Hard White Shavings
  • Manifold White Ledger
  • CPO
  • Super/Coloured Ledger
  • Carbon Interleafed Ledger
  • Carbonless Thermal Ledger Paper
  • & Other Waste Paper

Paper Conversion Machines

A-Z Solution provider for paper converting unit.

  • Turnkey Project
  • Raw Material
  • Technical Support
  • Marketing Support

Non-Woven Fabrics

We at MSIL believes in to provide non-woven products to suit one's requirement. We have been expanding our product list ever since we have entered into this segment of global market. Our aim is to provide the fastest service, latest products in non-woven & definitely an excellent quality.

MSIL deals in highest-quality Non-Woven products manufactured with the help of latest cutting-edge technology. In addition, We are suppliers of superior quality Non-Woven products.

Our range of Non Woven Products includes:

  • PP/Pet Spun Bond Fabrics
  • Melt Blown Fabrics
  • Air Laid Fabrics
  • SMS Fabrics
  • Needle Punch Fabrics
  • Spun Lace Fabrics (Philic, Phobic & Laminates)
  • Stitch Bond Fabrics
  • Wipes/Wet Tissue Fabrics
  • Medical & Hygiene Fabrics
  • Thermobond